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Being productive is essential in life because it empowers you to achieve your goals, manage your time efficiently, foster personal growth, positively impact others, experience a sense of accomplishment, reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being. It plays a fundamental role in leading a purposeful, fulfilling, and successful life.

Supercharge your productivity with these simple implementable points.

1 • The quality of your sleep, diet, and exercise will determine your energy levels.

2 • Write down your top 3 priorities every day.

3 • If it takes less than 2 minutes. Do it now.

4 • Turn off all non-emergency notifications.

5 • "If rest increases your output per unit time, then it was productive." - Alex Hormozi

6 • If it's not on your calendar, it probably won't happen.

7 • 8 hours of sleep > any supplement stack

9 • If you're procrastinating on something, make a deal to work on it for just 2 minutes.

10 • Set a "no internet/scrolling” window of time during the week. (eg 8am to 5pm on Tuesday)

11 • If you don't plan your time, someone else will.

12 • Review your goals weekly, if not daily.

13 • Consume educational content at x1.5 speed, studies show there is little drop in retention rate.

14 • For every hour of learning, spend an hour applying.

15 • Tell a friend of partner new information you have learned, this helps you remember it.

16 • The longer you put off a task, the harder it becomes.

17 • Work is a lot easier when you make it enjoyable.

18 • Easy ways to make work enjoyable: Make a work playlist, plan time for distraction

19 • You'll never regret taking a walk outside.

20 • Plan time to "do nothing" your best ideas will come when you give your brain space.

21 • Struggling to do something-remove all other options, do the task, or do nothing at all.

I hope some of these help you clarify how to navigate even the most tedious of tasks. For those who are looking to beat procrastination, implement better habits and achieve their goals. Click the enquiry link below, Let me help you become your best self!

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