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Want to boost your self confidence? Read this:

1. Practice self-care

  • Prioritise your mental health

  • Take pride in your appearance

  • Prioritise your internal health

  • Have enough sleep

  • Actively move everyday

2. Deal right with your emotions

  • Be grateful for everything you have

  • Recognise and fix your insecurities

  • Forgive yourself, you're learning

  • Stop comparing with others

  • Be comfortable with fear

  • Be patient with yourself

  • Take nothing personally

3. Practice your communication

  • Avoid interrupting conversations

  • Use gestures when needed

  • Avoid being overly talkative

  • Be sure of your words

  • Listen with intent

4. Maintain an open body posture

  • Sit upright and still (legs at least a feet apart)

  • Stand with your hands/ shoulders open

  • Walk on a paced motion

  • Keep you head up

  • Walk with intent to your destination

5. Strengthen non-verbal communication through body language

  • Open your shoulders and try not to cower over

  • Have a strong handshake / hug tight

  • Maintain a firm eye contact

6. Develop a positive attitude

  • Talk good of others

  • Criticise sparingly

  • Never complain

  • Avoid gossip

7. Set goals and take risks

  • Set small and achievable goals

  • Set simple rewards for yourself throughout your journey

  • Chat to stranger you find attractive

  • Get into that scary deal that could go either great or bad. Pain of regret is much greater than pain of failure

  • Control what you can

8. Cultivate a good attitude

  • Maintain a positive support network

  • Have something unique about you

  • Accept compliment gracefully

  • Challenge your inner critic

  • Be proud of yourself


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