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Looking to build muscle? Read this

High muscle mass gives you major advantages

- Better posture

- Lower injury risk

- Lower disease risk

- Physically stronger

- Higher testosterone

- Look more confident

- Clothes fit you better

- Lower depression risk

- Stronger bones & joint

- Better metabolic health

1. Eat enough protein

Protein is the building block of muscle mass. If you want to build the optimum amount of muscle you need to be consuming 1 - 1.2 g of protein to every lb of body weight. Any less than this & you will be leaving gains on the table.

2. Space out meals.

Spacing meals makes it far easier to hit your daily calorie & protein requirements. Starting your day with a high protein & calorie meal makes it far easier to hit your numbers. As you then have the rest of your day to hit your calorie and protein goals.

3. Track Calories

If you aren't eating enough calories you aren't going to gain muscle mass. If you are struggling to gain weight eat more.

- Eat more meals

- Eat bigger meals

- Eat more calorie dense meals

This is where protein shakes can become extremely helpful!

4. Train each body part 2x + per week

Studies show training muscle groups 2 / week compared with 1 sees more muscle

growth. The same studies showed that training muscle groups 3 / week saw even further

gain. So split your workout to hit each muscle group at least twice per week.

5. Stop training like a pussy

Are most people working harder than you in the gym? If you are going to see the best results on the sports pitch or the office you have put the work in. The same goes for resistance training. Train intensely, recover intensely then you see gains.

6. Sleep enough

You need to 7 - 8 hrs per night & you need to

get your sleep pattern right. You should be going to bed & waking up at the same time each day. Sleep in a pitch-black room & get light when you wake up. This with quality sleep optimizes hormones for optimal gains.

7. Rest more.

Your muscle is broken down during training and built back stronger with diet & recovery.

When you train intensely, you need to rest intensely. You should be having active rest days 1-2 x per week. Active rest includes activities like.

- Yoga

- Walking

- Swimming

8. Supplement with Creatine

I'm not saying you can't build muscle mass without supplementing creatine.

I'm saying that if you want optimal muscle gains you should be supplementing it.

Supplementing 3 - 5 g of Creatine daily is all you need.

9. Spend less time partying

If you are constantly drinking, doing recreational drugs, out till late at night.

You simply won't gain optimal muscle mass. When you are training hungover & not resting properly you will see your muscle mass gains will suffer.

10. Track progress

You should be aiming to gain 1-2% of body weight per month (for lean muscle gain)

You also need to track your workouts & ensure you are progressing them to see gains

Forms of progression:

- More reps

- Better form

- More weight

- More volume

- Pause mid rep

Summary of how to build more muscle mass

- Rest more

- Less partying

- Track calories

- Sleep enough

- Track progress

- Space out meals

- Eat enough protein

- Don't train like a pussy

- Creatine supplementation

- Train each body part 2 x per week


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