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How to build a stronger mind:

It starts with the body.

Your mind needs your body to give it everything it needs to function properly. You will always have a weak mind if your physical health is bad.


- 80/20 (80% We’ll structured foods 20% more free eating.

- Eat high protein

- Eat more earthy whole foods from nature.

- Avoid foods known to be made full of rubbish.

Personally If I eat rubbish, I will feel eventually feel like rubbish. Making better food choices has a great mental influence on your choices throughout your day. Even though when attempting to lose body fat it is more calories in vs out, make sure that your diet isn’t all rubbish. I like to go be the 80/20 rule. 80% nutrient dense home made foods. 20% whatever I fancy.


At least 30 min of exercise daily, this can be:

- Yoga

- Biking

- Lifting

- Surfing

- Gym

- Walking

- Kayaking

- Swimming

- Martial arts

- Playing sports


Get your heart rate up and move!


You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so make that time count:

- Have a cool room

- 7-8 hours every night

- Create a dark environment

- No phone an hour before bed

- Go to bed at the same time every night

Most people don't understand the power quality sleep has on your mind. Once your body is healthy, your mind will have a much easier time doing its job. By focusing on the body you are giving the mind what it needs to build itself up and maintain itself.

There are many ways:

- Chess

- Sports

- School

- Writing

- Reading

- Journaling

- Exploring nature

- Listening to music

- Learning a language

- Having a deep conversation with a friend

The brain must be used, tested and pushed in order to grow. One of the greatest skills you can develop is discipline. Developing discipline is much easier with a healthy body and mind. There are some exceptions, but most ‘lazy’ people are actually just in poor health.

Make active tiny steps and the jigsaw starts to show the bigger picture…

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