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10 habits that will destroy your self esteem:

1 • Comparing

Comparison is the thief of peace and joy. It is detrimental to your self-esteem, and it only disrupts your progress. You should only draw comparisons to your past self. The most meaningful changes in life are measured internally.

2 • Blaming Others

You are responsible for your life and how you react to anything that happens in it. When you place the blame on others, you make yourself a victim of circumstance and take away your own agency. In order to be truly happy, own your actions and their consequences.

3 • Being Negative

Negativity affects more than just your mood, and its consequences are severe. It disrupts your hormones, depletes brain chemicals, and weakens your immune system. Time to detox! Remove yourself from unhealthy relationships, environments, and media consumption.

4 • Regret

Living with regrets will destroy any chance of happiness. Reframe your mistakes and failures as learning opportunities. Life is a never-ending cycle of refinement and progression.

5 • Isolating

Isolation is self-destructive. As a result of forcing yourself to be alone, your mind begins to believe that other people don't want to be around you. Social interaction and the support of loved ones are vital for your mental well-being.

6 • Conforming

Self-esteem is found and maintained by living authentically and without worrying about what others think. Conforming subconsciously convinces you that who you really are is worth less than who society wants you to be. Allow yourself to embrace your true identity.

7 • People Pleasing

Stop allowing your friends and family to influence your decisions. It's a tough pill to swallow, but you have to understand that you can't please everyone. Set healthy boundaries and abide by them. Serve yourself by being selfish with your dreams and desires.

8 • Playing It Safe

How many opportunities have you missed by playing it safe? You'll never be able to reach your full potential if you're not willing to challenge yourself. Your choices should always reflect your hopes, not your fears. Step out of your fucking comfort zone!

9 • Neglecting Your Health

Self care is simple; stop overcomplicating it. Develop good habits, cultivate discipline, and consistently do the work. If you aren't sure where to start, try:

  • Steps & Sunlight

  • Strenuous Exercise

  • Adequate Rest

  • Nutritious Whole Foods

10 • Instant Gratification

Chasing those instant sensations is preventing you from making meaningful progress. Discipline yourself to forego short-term pleasure in order to reap greater long-term rewards. Success requires dedication, patience, focus, and self-awareness.

Remember: Your habits will make you or break you. At the end of the day, the biggest obstacle you will face is yourself. If you can master the art of identifying and overcoming habits that harm you, you can achieve anything.

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